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Top 10 Payroll Companies - 2018

From manual ledgers in the early 90’s to the establishment of the American Payroll Association in the late 90’s to the mobile payroll today, it’s fascinating to see the growth of technology. Today, the enterprises are considering customizable payroll software because of its ability to accomplish the business responsibilities and its efficiency to fulfill requirements.

The industry is focusing on finding ways to capitalize on current trends like mobile payroll which has seamlessly paved its way into the market. It helps the enterprises to keep real-time track on payrolls with its centralized system that connects all the members in a common platform. It does not just stop by benefiting the current employees by enabling them to access payroll remotely via emails. It also helps the retired employees to lay their retirement account and analyze their earnings through smartphones.

Amidst all the advancement, the scalability of the software, irrespective of its new types being offered, allows the different size of businesses to utilize the opportunities provided.

With a huge spectrum of payroll solution providers in the industry today, finding the right solution is often critical. After a thorough analysis of payroll solution providers in the last few months, our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the industry challenges.

In this edition of HR Tech Outlook magazine, we present you “Top 10 Payroll Solution Providers - 2018” featuring the companies that are creating impact in the HR technology arena.