Axeb Solutions: Revolutionizing Payroll Processing

Maria Zoe, Founder and CEO, Axeb SolutionsMaria Zoe, Founder and CEO
Axeb Solutions, the brainchild of Maria Zoe, dwells at the intersection of web innovation and technological skills. Zoe, founder and CEO of the company, says, “At Axeb, we help ensure payrolls are processed quickly and perfectly. So that your efforts to attract, hire, engage, and retain great employees are never blemished by errors.” Built by the brightest minds in the field of HR technology, Axeb offers single payroll processing software to clients.

The payroll processing software by Axeb automates the processes by integrating multiple systems and eliminating the frustrations of manual data entry. The software solution empowers businesses with a single employee system of record, wherein employers only have to input information related to payroll once and the changes take effect system-wide. Additionally, Axeb’s web-based, user-friendly payroll platform has been developed using inputs from several clients to make managing employees easier. Axeb’s software is capable of executing a myriad of tasks such as call-in/fax-in/email payroll notification, automated completion of a firm’s payroll at any time, from anywhere in the world.

With feedback from businesses, Axeb’s payroll processing solution comes with two distinct choices for different business needs—some employers want a lot of control over payroll processing software, while others want a lighter load with their payroll processing. The flexible software tool offers both the options. Axeb’s payroll processing software comes with flexibilities to customize as per client needs.

At Axeb, we help ensure payrolls are processed quickly and perfectly. So that your efforts to attract, hire, engage, and retain great employees are never blemished by errors

With Axeb’s Employee Self-Service, employees have access to their own information, “saving you valuable time and maximizing your company’s efficiency.” Furthermore, with a number of add-ons, logic inputs, and other features to help personalize payroll services to fit clients’ needs, the electronic payroll processing saves time and money by eliminating the delivery costs of paychecks and reports.

Though HR services are the raison d’être of Axeb, the gamut of services offered by Axeb spans a broader spectrum. The company’s sales-minded team of designers, developers, and marketers has produced a complete range of services and solutions to cater to businesses of different sizes. Employee training solutions, lead development, content marketing, and digital marketing are few of the additional services offered by Axeb. Zoe says, “Our point is to recount your brand’s story through the plan, copy, symbolism, and route of your site and take your employees and guests on a voyage of revelation, utilizing the most advanced improvement systems accessible.”

Banking on the prowess of an outstanding team, Axeb is now taking the leap to the next level of payroll processing. By integrating machine learning and AI, Zoe is hopeful that Axeb will create a new direction for payroll processing in the HR landscape. What helps the company in bridging the gap between technological innovations and payroll processing is their human-centric approach.