iSolved: Driving Employee Engagement with Innovative HCM solutions

Justin Raniszeski, Chief Sales Officer, iSolvedJustin Raniszeski, Chief Sales Officer
Today, most employers find themselves at sea when it comes to complying with the vast expanse and complexities of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates. In The Hacket Group’s 2014 Payroll & Tax Compliance Study, less than 40 percent of companies have integrated their time and attendance technology with payroll.
“Often companies end up using a patchwork of solutions to consolidate data which leads to further confusion,” remarks Justin Raniszeski, Chief Sales Officer, iSolved. Keeping the need of the current HR landscape in mind, the company’s flagship product iSolved is a SaaS-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution delivered on a unified platform. “iSolved, with its consolidated foundation based on a single rules engine, completely negates fragmented applications that require importing and exporting of data,” states Raniszeski.

iSolved brings together various components such as payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance and HR into a single system delivered in the cloud. With a multitude of services, iSolved creates a comprehensive workforce management solution for every client. The solutions are coupled with the insight of expert compliance consultants and advanced features such as employee self-service, executive dashboard and report writer. Companies like XOOM Energy, an independent supplier of natural gas, electricity and renewable energy services, are impressed with the deep expertise of the iSolved team, timesaving technology and their compliance-focused mindset.

Designed on a modern technology stack, the iSolved architecture is extremely agile allowing for rapid deployment of any new functionality. An example of that is iSolved’s mobile strategy, developed keeping in mind the on-the-go employees. The company’s app is designed to create an engaging experience for a user where they can clock in, enroll in benefits and make benefit changes through their mobile devices
Investing heavily in their R&D to keep pace with changing client demands, iSolved recently introduced iSolved Time, which is a time and attendance module native to iSolved, that brings a robust system within the same database as the payroll, HR and benefits solution. “Combining the flexibility of an online service with a time clock, employees can use either a web browser or mobile app to clock in and out,” says Raniszeski. Another landmark addition implemented by the company is their iSolved Network which is a membership program of payroll service providers that install and service iSolved solutions. In just a year, the iSolved Network is the fastest growing collection of independent service bureaus in the U.S., enabling iSolved’s market share to escalate four times faster than other solution providers. “The iSolved Network enhances ease of use for our clients as our solutions are delivered through local providers, ensuring a personal experience for each customer,” explains Raniszeski.

On one occasion, Shared Imaging, a reputed health care solutions provider was burdened with their employment document storage which involved the application of tedious spreadsheets. The client needed a system to manage and maintain license certifications and updated regulatory. On deploying the payroll module, the customer could easily discard spreadsheets and with iSolved’s Report Writer technology, which enables a user to build, modify and sort reports, the client could manage and maintain license certifications, updated vaccinations and other mandatory documents.

iSolved Network is the fastest growing HCM platform for independent service bureaus and their clients in the U.S.

Going forward, iSolved plans on connecting their products to a broader marketplace through a variety of third party solutions. The company is enhancing their Application Program Interface (API) technology by building interfaces that can be rapidly deployed into other solutions in the market. Another innovative solution up for release in the fall is the iSolved onboarding, which will automate the hiring process by diminishing paperwork.