SmartDrive Labs Technologies (SDL): Transforming HR with Easy to Use Solutions

Vani Sathvik, Founder and CEO , SmartDrive Labs TechnologiesVani Sathvik, Founder and CEO
Grasping intricacies of compensation and benefits schemes in the U.S., the U.K., and other major economies was one of the life-enriching experiences for Vani Sathvik. But unflinchingly, she set out to turn the tables for human resource (HR) departments across the globe, and her pursuit was joined by Mahesh Kumar Parvathareddy, the technology expert. Today, their one of the innovative product Smart H2R integrates payroll management with other crucial functions in the realm of human resource management. Smart H2R resolves a gamut of problems that range from monitoring employee’s log in timings to managing the headcount in real-time. “From recruitment to exit workflow, our software addresses all the HR needs of the clients,” states Parvathareddy.

SmartH2R is inclusive of 14 modules that are built explicitly for undertaking tasks associated with Employee Databank with Employee Self Service, Attendance and Leave Management, Payroll with Expense Management, Reimbursement Management, Compliances with Reports, travel, helpdesk, appraisal, employee exit, and other HR workflows. These modules can be used on a standalone basis as well as an integrated suite of solutions. While SmartH2R’s in-built responsive dashboards present employee information in an engaging manner, its analytical capability simplifies HR tasks with key insights about attendance, salaries, taxes, and deductions, and numerous critical human resource parameters.

As a single source of information, SmartH2R simplifies the employee tracking and saves HR professional from undertaking manual monitoring. Businesses can register key data-points like log in, log out times and work-related activities through the solution. Even if the employee is working from home, his credentials can be ascertained and work can be tracked through Smart H2R Mobile app. It presents key statistics like daily, monthly, annual attendance of any employee. The holistic solution not only serves employers but also empowers staff to self-serve and access their information with ease. It automates attendance related email alerts to the employees, managers, and management.

With its payroll management module, the solution enables HR professionals to set basic pay, increments, deductions, and subsequently generate reports.
Mahesh Kumar Parvathareddy, Founder and CTO, SmartDrive Labs TechnologiesMahesh Kumar Parvathareddy, Founder and CTO
The module can be integrated with the attendance system, which helps managers define leave rules, leaves taken or by the employees, and perform salary deductions and generate leave report. The payroll module also empowers businesses to perform statutory reporting, and loan management. “Using our software for payroll management, businesses can save time and money. The user-friendly SmartH2R eliminates the need to hire payroll experts,” says Vani Sathvik.

The company has helped numerous organizations across the globe to streamline their payroll and HR management after analyzing the reports generated by SmartH2R. For instance, a major manufacturing firm wanted to know how the relationship between man and machine affect productivity. Smart H2R provided HR analytical insights that helped the client to discern the amount of manpower needed to get the required output from the machine.

The power of SmartH2R can be witnessed from its capacity to scale and resolve the HR intricacies faced by global clients. When an Africa-based multinational with 10,000 plus employees operating from different time zones was riddled with a problem to track attendance of workforce, they deployed SmartH2R. By integrating a third party ERP solution with SmartH2R, the managers could easily track employees even if they were working from home. The multinational could also manage leave approvals, attendance, and key HR functions.

SDL has forayed into the U.S., U.K., Africa and the GCC region and looks forward to setting its footprint in the Asia Pacific. “We pride on being the first Indian company to be enlisted as one of the Top 10 Payroll Solution Providers,” asserts Vani. Furthermore, it aims to fortify security of their solutions with the addition of two factor and thumb print based authentication. The company is also working on a feature that will seamlessly relay information about the traveling employee and automatically generate receipts. At the end of the day, the company strives to create a win-win situation for its clients while tapping into its reseller and strategic partner network across Globe to aid in their vision to be amongst top global players in offering Smart products. Founders sign off saying–We Create, We take Risks, We live our Passion, We are DOERS.