PayServ Systems: Everything Starts with HR: Changing an entire culture

Todd Saylor, Founder and President, PayServ SystemsTodd Saylor, Founder and President Back in early 90s, as the founding force behind a publicly traded billion-dollar professional employer organization (PEO) dealing largely in payroll, Todd Saylor sensed that something was amiss. “While we would plug and play software that would accommodate our core payroll solutions, I realized that payroll was only a middle piece and the only way to get payroll right was to get HR right,” recounts Saylor. With most organizations perceiving HR as a mere staffing and payroll solution, Saylor wanted to place HR in its rightful place—at the heart of the corporate strategy. With a deep understanding and a vision to upraise employee lifecycle management, in the early half of the millennium, Saylor introduced PayServ Systems to the world. Born out of the conviction that businesses deserve better service, PayServ aims to disrupt the entire employer-employee relationship with Workforcethrive, a comprehensive HCM solution suite that covers the entire gamut of HR processes from payroll, time and labor management to compliance and security. Following the principle of humble excellence, PayServ emphasizes on best in class user experience and focuses on a company’s biggest asset, its employees. “At the end of the day, a company is only as good as the employees. Our software, combined with an HR-first service model, ensures the employees are treated the best possible way from hire to retire,” says Todd Saylor, Founder and President, PayServ Systems.

"Committed Excellence!"

The End of HR Fragmentation

Addressing a full service continuum from problem recognition to resolution, PayServ’s Workforcethrive is a premier cloud based HR management software that operates from a single database and is best suited for medium to large organizations. The solution is easy to configure and the system updates in real time, cutting the long wait hours for information processing or updates. With Workforcethrive, organizations have a single application to simplify all HR functions. The platform not only tracks candidates and facilitates applicant communication for recruiting, but the online checklists allow HR to easily manage form submissions for smooth on boarding.

It’s our culture!

When it comes to payroll, Workforcethrive’s intuitive interface gives organizations quick and timely access to data needed for payroll processing. Employees too can easily select their own payment preferences. In addition, taking workforce productivity to the next level, Workforcethrive streamlines all time, attendance, and labor data and the scheduling feature helps HR teams automatically assign shifts based on the availability and the location of the staff.

For Sarasota Orthopedic Associates, a multi-site medical company that was facing challenges in determining the precise geographic coordinates of their off-site employees for accurate payroll processing, the search for a state-of-the art HCM solution came to an end with PayServ. Workforcethrive allowed the client’s employees to log in remotely from handheld devices when operating and the software’s geospatial and geofencing feature instantly recorded accurate information about an employee’s work address. “Through a GPS tracking component, we are able to capture the location of an employee when a punch occurs,” explains Saylor. Owing to the platform’s cutting edge feature, the client was not only able to receive accurate data for determining payroll and local taxes, but also saved thousands of dollars in revenue.

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive

Built to unify an entire organization, Workforcethrive’s robust technology allows employees to access all information on payroll, time and attendance, or benefits—anytime, anywhere with a single sign on—and managers can also review and approve time cards and leave requests through an interactive dashboard. Staying in line with performance goals has never been easier with Workforcethrive, as it allows management and HR to collaborate with employees online to review performance and feedback. One of the most compelling features of PayServ’s software is its advanced analytics and report generation capability that helps track and leverage any kind of company data. HR teams can run easy-to-read charts and graphs on payroll or employee performance, which helps C-suite executives and management to arrive at important decisions regarding people and money matters.

Workforcethrive is flexible, modular, and scalable in nature and organizations can add functionality onto the platform according to their growing needs, at a pay-for-use model.
The solution also supports third-party add-ons through a portal called the Marketplace where a user can connect with different vendors who offer a wide range of services including background checks, employment eligibility verification, and benefits carrier integration. Marketplace is PayServ’s Affordable Care Act Manager that helps HR teams manage employee benefits compliance along with applicable reporting. “Above all, Workforcethrive is an ever-evolving solution that is updated regularly for supreme user experience,” remarks Saylor.

Nailing Service Delivery

Committed to deliver the best results in HR at all costs, the company applies an exclusive and proven Smartsheet analytical project management solution and uses an interactive software through which clients can view progress and communicate with PayServ experts in real-time. “We spend an aggressive amount of time and discipline in perfecting the enrollment and setup process, as we value our client’s trust in us and leave no room for failure,” mentions Saylor. Starting off with a thorough examination of client needs, PayServ then vehemently gathers critical customer information on how to better current processes and comes out with multiple demos and proofs of concept, before sealing the deal. Once the client is onboard, PayServ’s Launch team, which comprises a group of progressive engineers and data experts that are trained in various disciplines, put together a customized product. The team is headed by a Launch Lead who ensures that deadlines are met and constantly pushes the limits in terms of innovation, till the go-live date. Throughout the cycle, PayServ follows a highly engaging and consultative model while keeping all the information confidential. The staff at PayServ is trained to follow clear security policies, perform constant system monitoring, and regularly update the company’s physical network and software security. “In the end, you can have the best software in the world but it’s our deep level of service and culture that sets us apart, and we are always ready to go the extra mile to achieve a client’s vision,” exclaims Saylor.

Determined to scale even greater heights in HR, PayServ has a roadmap chartered for the next 18 months. Currently, in partnership with Kronos, a leading HR tech solutions provider, PayServ is focusing on enhancing its AI and analytics capabilities to determine the factors that drive employee satisfaction. The company is extending its application programming interface (API) to connect with other software such as Google and Salesforce and utilizing advanced metrics, for a truly integrated solution. PayServ is also in the test phase of implementing high performance chatbots that will not only handle dynamic dialogs and make intelligent decisions, but will also provide customers with a redefined user experience while quickly and efficiently addressing issues. “What it costs for viable HR is what we can save a company and armed with our ever-evolving tools, we are at the leading edge of revolutionary HR. For us exceptional service is not just a course of action but a value proposition ingrained deep within our culture,” ends Saylor.