Paycor: Empowering Human Resource Management and Administration

Bob Coughlin, CEO, PaycorBob Coughlin, CEO
Long considered as a support function, HR has taken on an increasingly strategic dimension in the corporate industry and managers have identified employees as a source of competitive advantage. Technology has created a new assemblage of opportunities for streamlining HR administration, from delivering benefits programs online to automating payroll and administrative HR tasks. Keeping up with the current HR demands, Paycor helps clients perform better with intuitive, cloud-based HR, payroll, and timekeeping software. “We take the time to listen to our clients and understand what’s important to both their business and their employees,” says Bob Coughlin, CEO of Paycor. “We use client feedbacks to continually enhance our technology, empowering organizations to be more strategic.”

Paycor offers its clients Perform, a platform presenting a complete offering of cloud-based HR solutions. These solutions include Recruiting and Hiring, HR and Benefits Administration, Payroll and Tax Compliance, Time and Attendance Tracking, and Reporting and Analytics. Coughlin remarks, “Perform is an innovative cloud-based command center, built on a foundation which has everything a client needs and helps them focus on their core business.” Perform reduces workload and amalgamates HR processes with easy-to-use technology and self-service tools. It also mitigates compliance risk with cloud-based payroll and employee administration solutions and provides time and attendance records, so as to manage labor effectively with feature-rich timekeeping and employee self service options.

Perform simplifies and improves decision making with adaptable information reporting for every employee present in an organization. The platform consolidates hiring processes with a single online application for managing and recruiting new employees and engaging new recruits before their joining date.
One of the key aspects of the Perform platform is that it simplifies employee administration, saves time and clubs all employee data in a single database. Anything from employee certifications and laptop numbers to employees’ favorite kinds of birthday cakes can be stored and tracked. Lastly, mobility is one of the major features of Perform. It lets clients manage payroll anytime, anywhere, coupled with access to articles, videos and reference guides.

It is a unified, mobile-friendly system that is customized to fit our clients’ needs. No matter how quickly they grow, Paycor grows with you

Paycor has been systemizing HR functions for many organizations and ensuring flawless business performance. For example, US Liner Company, based near Pittsburg, specializes in manufacturing fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic for use in refrigerated trailers and shipping containers. With over 180 employees in three different locations, tracking employee hours and payroll processing was a challenge, leading to time wastage and inaccessible data. After switching over to Paycor’s solution, US Liner reduced over 66 percent of time spent in HR and payroll, leading to substantial labor cost savings. Personalized services led to converged processes and reduced costs. US Liner’s VP of Finance says, “Our old system was brutal, and not user friendly and none of it were connected. We spent 15 hours a week for managing payrolls and timekeeping, which was reduced to a mere five hours after Paycor’s solution implementation.”

Paycor helps more than 26,000 small and mid-sized businesses across the U.S. improve efficiencies and simplify their people management. “We believe in good solutions, good deeds and in the goodwill of our clients. It’s not just business, it’s personal. Performing better is important, but taking care of clients and our people is what really influences my decisions. Paycor will continue to provide a comprehensive framework to help clients manage HR, run payroll, track time and keep their organizations compliant,” concludes Coughlin.