zizzl: Payroll and Benefits Virtuoso

Ray Seaver, CEO, zizzlRay Seaver, CEO
Many small businesses repeatedly defer upgrading operational processes and are tangled up in payroll and employee benefit tasks. They continue to be mired in manual processes and use multiple disconnected systems, and spreadsheets to manage payroll, benefits and Human Resources processes. “Our goal is to get people “back to the campfire” the place where they have time to have real conversations that spark innovation and help them grow their companies,” says Ray Seaver, CEO of zizzl. “That’s difficult to do when you are weighed down by payroll and employee benefit related “administrivia”.” zizzl’s mission is to provide small businesses a turnkey approach to employee benefits purchasing and administration—including payroll processing—so they can focus on more important tasks. Per Seaver, “We are committed to the community that we live and work in and we want to support the creation of 5,000 jobs in the next ten years. We believe one of the ways we can do that is by getting business leaders back to the campfire.”

The “campfire” is zizzl code for commitment to a culture that operates on three core values—dependable excellence, optimistic energy and authentic hospitality. For clients, the campfire translates into candid conversations that help them think strategically about how payroll and employee benefits impact their business. zizzl helps them filter through the myriad of choices to clarify their business requirements vs. items that are “nice to haves”. By helping their clients focus on business requirements first, zizzl ensures they receive the services they need to create the most value and return on investment. Then “nice to haves” can be added by leveraging zizzl’s services. zizzl helps their client design their plan, plan for the changes, and deploy the new processes freeing up their talented staff to grow the business.
zizzl services are provided via an enterprise-grade, modern, cloud-based technology solution that includes rigorous security, redundancy, and disaster recovery policies and practices to reduce clients’ technical risks. Services can start with finding the right benefits provider— including evaluation of plans, cost negotiation, communications, and implementation—to new hire onboarding, payroll integration and fully outsourced payroll processing. zizzl can ensure background checks are completed and Human Resources, payroll and tax information is collected. Then zizzl can communicate change information—for both new hires and current employees—to states and benefit carriers to update their records. Clients and employees can initiate status changes online, if authorized, via their mobile device or by contacting their zizzl service team. “We are also the benefit broker for our clients and deploy contribution strategies that streamline their program administration and, importantly, give them more control over health insurance costs,” adds Seaver. zizzl’s technology includes an integrated time clock for timekeeping that updates the system in real-time and eliminates export and import data files each pay period.

The combination of our technology and our service teams literally takes payroll and employee benefits “administrivia” off a business leader’s plate

Outsourcing the processing to zizzl also shifts the risk for compliance and accuracy to zizzl as the vendor responsible, rather than the client. Resolution of any issue—both in the short term and the long term—is the responsibility of the zizzl team. zizzl’s services for clients are supported through multiple channels—in person, by phone, or online—to ensure their clients can use the method that best meets their needs.

“The combination of our technology and our service teams takes the administrative tasks off a business leader’s plate. The icing on the cake is that we also deliver substantial savings on payroll and benefits administration costs,” affirms Seaver.