SmartLinx Solutions: An Integrated Human Capital Management Solution Suite for Higher Operational Efficiency

Marina Aslanyan, CEO, SmartLinx SolutionsMarina Aslanyan, CEO
Today, a majority of firms endure challenges related to management of their local and remote workforce. With a large number of employees, limited budgets, and increasing policy requirements, these organizations are forced to employ multiple human capital management tools. The current HR market is flooded with a myriad of options. SmartLinx Solutions, a New Jersey-based firm, has an innovative product suite that helps companies address HR-related complexities, avoid scheduling conflicts, gain transparency, and prevent unnecessary overtime, on a single platform. “Our fully integrated workforce management suite helps to manage compliance, drive employee productivity, and increase overall workforce efficiency,” says Marina Aslanyan, CEO of SmartLinx.

The company’s flagship offering, WorkLinx, has been creating value for their clients with its integrated, real-time capabilities. The payroll component in the WorkLinx suite was selected by HRTech Outlook as a Top 10 Payroll solution because of its sophisticated capabilities and integration with other key workforce management functions. “WorkLinx eases workforce management tasks and drives reliability across all HR operations including payroll setup and processing,” says Marina. The ease of integrating this suite with legacy systems is an added advantage for clients who prefer to follow a phased migration to newer technology. Additionally, the ability to derive deep insight into workforce operations, define payroll custom taxability for deductions and earnings along with real-time integrated data flows, drives new operational efficiencies and increased workforce productivity.

WorkLinx is leveraged by many HR managers to target and hire top talent, oversee complex training and certification requirements, and monitor employee development and benefits with real-time information. The suite is also used to create optimized staff schedules and fill open shifts, track actual hours worked, and communicate with local and mobile teams.
An end-to-end workforce management solution, it can also be utilized to manage leave, worker compensation, and to monitor performance and supervise company assets. As part of the integrated workforce management suite, the multiple WorkLinx products share a common dataset. “With the common data platform, employee information is immediately conveyed to an organization’s entire HR operation—ensuring there are no lapses in workflow,” enthuses Marina.

In one instance, Parker Jewish Institute—a healthcare and rehabilitation center based in New York—had multiple disjointed systems in place for managing scheduling, timekeeping, human resource management, and payroll processing. The institute suffered from inconsistent employee information and difficulty in processing overtime. Upon implementing WorkLinx, the institute was able to streamline workforce management, resulting in significant savings in overtime costs and a reduction in payroll complexity. The SmartLinx solution query capabilities also helped streamline electronic time-sheet audits and identified abnormal pays.

The WorkLinx suite is complemented by a range of robust SmartLinx time clocks and kiosks. With an integrated workforce management solution, SmartLinx helps clients achieve higher operational efficiencies and gain valuable insights into workforce-related costs and risk management. “We provide clients with a permanent, operational advantage through our workforce management solutions,” says Marina.
The success of SmartLinx can be attributed to their focus on clients and their investment in innovative workforce monitoring solutions for schedule optimization, time-keeping, payroll, HR management and workforce analytics. SmartLinx has also pioneered new offerings for managing Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance with its ACA Director solution, which is updated continuously to support evolving reporting requirements and systems. Leveraging latest, enterprise trends in technology has empowered SmartLinx agility in workforce management innovation.

With HR operations evolving, SmartLinx aims to continue to innovate in the area of mobile solutions. With a heavy focus on real client needs and the agility to respond to market needs with relevant workforce management technology, SmartLinx will continue to break new ground in advancing the current boundaries of HR management.