PenSoft: Accelerating Payroll Process through Efficient and Convenient Software

CIO VendorStephanie Salavejus, COO
Payroll processing plays a vital role in the successful functioning of large and small organizations. Companies have to continuously catch up with the complex ever-changing tax code and increasing reporting requirements of state and federal compliances, the Department of Labor, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). “It's our goal to facilitate a community where we provide support, education, and guidance to assist our clients to reduce their payroll administrative burden,” remarks Stephanie Salavejus, COO, PenSoft. Headquartered in Newport News, VA, the company manufactures sophisticated software to facilitate the tedious job of payroll processing and imparts knowledge and reliable support to its clients.

PenSoft has been helping their clients with an effective payroll solution, PenSoft® Payroll, a convenient and easy-to-use application. The robust software streamlines the task of payroll processing for its customers in addition to providing the option of customizing the software to meet the needs of their business. In addition, PenSoft provides a web service, PenSoft TimeOnline, for its clients to record time and attendance data. The online service is spread across various business units and helps reduce human error in payroll management. The company also offers Remote Client application with the use of which customers can remotely submit their payroll information at a convenient time not depending on their processor’s business hours. Besides, the company also offers customers Direct Deposit and E-Filing solutions to streamline the efficiency of organizations. Utilization of these solutions elevates the level of service and helps process payroll faster, accomplishing myriad compliance requirements too.

PenSoft has always been a customer-oriented organization.The company uses
the software it manufactures to understand the payroll needs of its clients and deduce the hovering challenges of the tedious process.Customers are thus benefitted with better and improved services with evolving needs and changes.Additionally, customers are not required to update the tax tables or modify any configuration if there has been a change in the way IRS has written a code. PenSoft handles this aspect too. Furthermore, the company strives to improve their data accuracy through their application to streamline federal and state compliances.

It’s our goal to facilitate a community where we provide support, education, and guidance to assist our clients to reduce their payroll administrative burden

PenSoft gives utmost importance to the customer service as a result of which, has garnered trust from their clients. The company does not outsource their call centers and the success in their business is based on building a strong relationship with its clients. “Our consultants communicate “one-on-one” with the customers to resolve their challenges and we celebrate success with them,” says Salavejus. The empathetic service rendered by PenSoft won them 90 percent renewal of the software by the customers.

PenSoft is focused on elevating the level of convenience, accuracy, and scalability along with security for its customers. The R&D department constantly works towards the development of new tools or improving existing ones. The company is also looking forward to the release of the next generation of its software in December this year. There are other projects in the pipeline for PenSoft which the team is excited about. PenSoft works with the philosophy that “better technology directly improves the potential to run a good business”. In line with this, customers are provided with efficient and affordable tools for successful management of payroll process. “Our clients constantly feel the need for accuracy and efficiency. This is what drives us to identify new and better solutions to help our diverse database of customers,” concludes Salavejus.