Payroll Link: Leading Technology and Good Ol' fashioned Service

Mike Demerjian, President, Payroll LinkMike Demerjian, President
Mike Demerjian, President of Payroll Link, observes that today’s business owners face near endless HR challenges, from logging into multiple systems for processing payroll to compliance and administration. Per Demerjian, whose company serves employers across the U.S., “Business owners today require a technology suite and unified platform that can streamline the payroll process and reduce hours of administrative work to minutes.” By encompassing all human capital management applications in a single platform, Payroll Link offers a unified solution to address this challenge.

What sets Payroll Link apart is not only its ability “to implement true market-leading technology,” but also its commitment to provide “good old-fashioned, personal service.” Today, business owners and HR decision makers are in a dilemma, often forced to choose between a great service organization or best-in-class technology. “We firmly believe that decision makers should not have to compromise between market-leading technology and service; they can leverage both. We enable decision makers to have complete control over every phase of their payroll processing, backed by leading technologies and dedicated, personal support,” asserts Demerjian.

“Payroll is just part of the equation,” Demerjian says. “Today, a vast amount of human capital data must be captured, and then must flow into payroll, whether it’s time and attendance, HRIS, benefits or other essential HCM components. Payroll is the cumulative output of all the activity for the pay cycle. We have a unified platform, which makes the actual process a breeze. In the old days, and even still today for many organizations, it requires days to gather and prepare all the data. Now, all you do is review and process, which makes payroll a snap.”

Demerjian suggests that one of the most important benefits of using a unified human capital management system is the way in which it minimizes the impact or disruption of HR administration on the organization.

We firmly believe that decision makers should not have to compromise between market-leading technology and service; they can leverage both

He argues that it simplifies payroll as well as other aspects of the HR function, from onboarding new employees to developing and managing employees.

But technology is only part of the solution. At Payroll Link, every client is personally assisted by a dedicated expert to manage the payroll process, ensuring that their payroll runs smoothly and reliably. “Our technology is exceptional, but we pride ourselves in our extraordinary service,” asserts Demerjian. “Our people are centered on two things. First, we love serving our customers and strive daily to demonstrate that to our clients. Second is our passion for using leading technology to solve workforce challenges.”

Payroll Link’s technology platform is supported by one of the leading teams of engineers and software developers in workforce management. “We stand out because we apply high technology with high-touch services. There’s nobody out there investing more in their technology. As a ‘preferred Kronos partner,’ there are few organizations out there who know the platform as well, who can implement, and who can service the platform as we do with our high touch services. We configure and service it to meet our specific client’s needs.” Payroll Link’s technology also integrates with numerous third-party workforce and productivity apps to enhance how clients benefit from their workforce data.

A trend that Payroll Link is seeing is that many organizations are outgrowing their payroll technology and partner as HR challenges and departments are becoming more sophisticated. We feel very proud to be uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of service and technology. Payroll Link is anticipating a significant release to their HCM mobile app in September, and are preparing for office expansion from Southern California to the Intermountain West (Salt Lake City).