MenaITech: Turnkey Solutions for Effective HR Practices

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, Founder and CEO, MenaITechDr. Bashar Hawamdeh, Founder and CEO
A career-long advocate of innovation and one among MENA region’s pioneers in the IT, HR, and intellectual property fields is what best describes Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh. In this modern era, where companies digitize their business operations, Dr.Hawamdeh discerned the great demand for localized HR management tools in the MENA region. With a mission to disrupt the HR space, he laid the cornerstone of MenaITech to implement the most advanced human capital technology and best practices across all HR functions enabling organizations to execute their business strategies more effectively. “Our mission is to partner with clients and empower them to leverage our solutions suite and gain a competitive edge, achieve their strategic goals, and enhance their organizational effectiveness,” says Dr. Hawamdeh, founder and CEO of MenaITech.

Since inception, Dr. Hawamdeh is at the helm of MenaITech’s operation, steering the company to a successful path, serving over 1,700 enterprises across 25 countries. Be it core HR management, personnel management, payroll controls, data and analytics, time and attendance, or more, MenaITech’s HRMS suite was born out of a single vision to enable businesses to access a range of information about their workforce and directly impact their productivity and success. MenaITech’s Human Capital Information solution suite includes MenaHR® platform, MenaPay® deck for payroll and personnel functions, and the cloud-based MenaLite® platform that provides a dynamic HR, payroll, personnel and employee self-service designed specifically for small to medium size enterprises. Employees and HR managers can also deploy the firm’s exclusive MenaME-mobile® app to have a seamless interaction with HR-related information while making more effective and informed decisions. Additionally, the firm also offers a 360-degree feedback software, Mena360® and a powerful multi-dimensional analytics and metrics dashboard, MenaExplorer® to evaluate functionalities like employee performance across all talent programs.

Our pioneering role as an engine of technological development in the MENA region is what differentiates us from our peer groups

“At the core is our payroll outsourcing service, MenaOSS®, which is being managed by our subsidiary, SOURCEitHR,” says Dr. Hawamdeh. SOURCEitHR’s comprehensive HR suite of services expands MenaITech’s portfolio to cover payroll and HR cycles outsourcing and human capital management consulting through user-friendly, customizable, and competitively-priced solutions.

MenalTech is not only a real innovator in the HR space with over 1.5 million users and 500 cloud-computing clients worldwide, but is also at the cutting edge of technology, driving digitization across the MENA region. “Our pioneering role as an engine of technological development in the MENA region is what differentiates us from our peer groups,” asserts Hawamdeh. The firm also prides in its ability to meet high data security standards and handle local requirements from language to compliance and regulations, currency, and functionalities that serve regional corporations and international companies who require access to the growing economies of emerging markets.

MenaITech’s diverse business lines target all economic sectors and different business sizes, and combined with cost-effective solutions, makes them ideal partners for startups, multinationals, or holding companies. In one instance, MenaITech helped Acacus Technologies, a comprehensive fleet management solution provider to standardize and automate certain processes within their HR division. By leveraging MenaITech’s HR management system (HRMS), the client was able to reduce payroll processing errors and overcome productivity bottlenecks.

Hawamdeh believes that continued innovation is the way to grow and succeed. “Our goal is definitely to continue transforming the HR industry with new technology and capabilities that can help clients unlock the power of their human capital,” says Hawamdeh. It’s an exciting time for MenaITech, as the firm is reinforcing its position in the current market by developing advanced cloud and mobile solutions; and expanding its operations into various geographical locations including Levant and North African regions to meet the growing demand.