IOIPay®: People-centric HCM and Payroll Processing Solutions

Chuck Tiebout, Vice-President of Technology Development, IOIPayChuck Tiebout, Vice-President of Technology Development
The proliferation of employee data, ever-evolving workforce dynamics, and organizations’ growing focus on insights and analytics of their workforce have led to increased complexities associated with processing organization and employee data. Also, managing employees’ attendance records, performance-based incentives, leaves, and benefits has become more tedious and complicated. As a result, organizations continue to seek solutions by outsourcing their payroll and human capital management (HCM) needs. Outsourcing not only simplifies these processes and enhances the processes’ precision and compliance, but also reduces operational costs and helps manage employee payroll data more efficiently. IOIPay checks all of these boxes by providing tools designed to assist employers in managing the entire employee lifecycle, from job posting and applicant tracking to payroll and time and attendance. “It has always been our focus to provide an end-to-end solution that encompasses hiring, onboarding, HR management, and tax-compliant payroll processing,” states Najeeb A. Khan, President and CEO of IOIPay. More recently, the company has embraced artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the overall payroll process and facilitate a better experience for its clients.

IOIPay has continued to develop its products to include client-centric solutions designed with the end user in mind. For example, logic exists in the user interface that if gaps or discrepancies exist as key data is inputted into the system, the system will provide feedback to this effect and will allow the user to correct information. Furthermore, the state and local tax requirements built into IOIPay’s solution provide tax compliance of payroll processes.

“We use our analytical insights to provide employers with information they need to make more effective business decisions,” adds Chuck Tiebout, Vice-President of Technology Development at IOIPay.
Najeeb A. Khan, President & CEO
In addition to payroll and HR, several other data-dependent systems can benefit from IOIPay’s analytics capabilities. For instance, the company’s solution features a client communication portal named “Notice Board” which is integrated with an organization’s back-end systems to deliver data-based reports to the employer. In case of specific data gaps, the solution automatically notifies the employer about how their business may be affected, and it provides quick access for remediation. The company plans to continue to develop additional client-specific reports via the Notice Board, which are designed to assist clients by identifying key elements that may need employer attention.

As a national provider of HCM and Payroll solutions, IOIPay supports a multitude of clients, from organizations with one employee to those with workforces of many thousands. The company addresses the unique needs of its clients, simplifying the payroll process for organizations while using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help organizations seamlessly integrate with other applications. APIs foster the exchange of information between IOIPay and its clients to quickly and effectively create efficiencies to alleviate process challenges pertaining to payroll, HCM, finance, and more.

As one illustration of the efficacy of IOIPay’s solution, as well as the client-centric approach, the company references a recent project for a sports complex that hosts a variety of event types including sporting events and concerts. The client needed to segregate the earnings from these events and direct payments accordingly to appropriate employees. In order to address these needs, IOIPay consolidated the weekly data of events to be hosted by the sports complex and generated reports that ensured payroll accuracy, thus satisfying both the client and their employees.

Along with continuing to assist a variety of industries with their payroll and HCM needs, IOIPay has also been named a “Premier Technology Partner” of Blackbaud, “the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good.” In addition to building new partnerships, the company plans to expand its AI capabilities. “We look forward to utilizing geofencing for secured data collection and helping to make employers more efficient,” concludes Khan.