Interlogic Outsourcing®, Inc. (IOI®): Smart Payroll Solutions for Progressive Employers

Najeeb A. Khan, CEO, Interlogic Outsourcing, IncNajeeb A. Khan, CEO
Many years ago, with the industry being payroll-centric, the decision makers were payroll service providers. Then, a few years ago, this scenario shifted and the payroll industry started becoming noticeably more HR-centric, where the HR professionals as the frontline authority started driving data into payroll systems for harmonizing the organization’s tasks. In alignment with this shift, Interlogic Outsourcing®, Inc. (IOI®), which started out as a payroll and employer services company, evolved to offer a comprehensive suite of HR management and payroll solutions. Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, IOI is a provider that offers cloud-based complete support for employers from HCM to payroll through tax management. “We provide solutions to employers using customer-focused employees and technology,” says Najeeb A. Khan, President and CEO of IOI.

The company continues to focus on providing end-to-end comprehensive solutions to support their clients’ needs. While integrating HR, payroll, and benefits management data into their cloud-based solutions, Khan observed the need for additional offerings (e.g. single sign-on functionality) while also providing much more expanded HR-centric services. Another key focus for the company is developing solutions that help clients and their employees navigate intuitively from the time an applicant applies for a job until the end of the employment cycle.

IOI’s cloud-based HCM platform, IOIPay® is ideally designed to enable employee self-service. Managers are empowered to carry out specific team-related functionalities instead of routing it through the centralized HR department. “Our guiding principle is to eliminate the need for HR professionals having to enter the registration details of employees and helping the management to capture payroll data efficiently into benefits applications,” says Khan. The cloud-based payroll system gives employees quick access to their pay statement data at any point in time.

We provide solutions to employers using customer-focused employees and technology

Furthermore, the platform’s applicant tracking solution simplifies one of the biggest challenges of hiring managers in tracking job applicants and hiring new employees. This flexible and easy-to-use hiring tool helps in efficaciously identifying and selecting the most qualified candidates for the organization. Using IOI’s customizable suite of solutions, organizations have the support to drive more informed hiring decisions.

Being in the industry for more than three decades, the company serves customers from a wide range of business sizes—small, mid-size and large—and from a variety of industries. The company focuses on providing exceptional service to every client. Khan recalls several instances throughout the company’s history of assisting customers with highly specific needs. “By focusing on our clients’ needs, we are able to drive greater efficiencies into their businesses,” says Khan.

For the road ahead, IOI wants to work with HCM professionals and continue to expand the offerings to include Artificial intelligence and Analytic capabilities with their HR and benefits management software to help employers automate many functions such as self-enrollment directly into the system, and having the ability to run analysis of their employee related data from multiple sources.
By providing a more robust benefits management system, the organization is focused on increasing the self-service capabilities for managers and employees to help them make more precise selections on their benefits and retirement programs. A continued focus on providing client-centric, integrated solutions and excellent client servicewill remain paramount.

Elaborating on the company’s geographic expansion plans, Khan says, “We operate in all 50 states in the U.S. and want to get into a bigger market chain and increase our footprint.”