GuidedBenefits: Tailor-Made Employee Benefit Plans

“A major predicament in the health insurance is that 20 to 30 percent of the people are driving high claims in the sector,” begins Charles V La Mantia, Founder, Guided Benefits. This according to La Mantia has impacted the millennial workforce negatively, as they are forced to pay a higher premium than what is required of them. Guided Benefits seeks to bridge this gap by following an approach that tailors medical benefits to suit the demographic requirements of each company. “Our specialty is to provide medical benefit solutions tuned specifically for each individual,” states La Mantia. Partnering with Guided Benefits allows organizations to eliminate the hassles in finding the right benefits for the employees, and stay in compliance with the constantly changing regulations. Under the proficient leadership of La Mantia, Guided Benefits has been assisting various leading organizations to have significant savings by offering medical benefit programs and managing employee benefits.

“We have an amazing model and phenomenal people offering the best solutions for our clients to help implement multiple levels of voluntary employee benefits,” adds La Mantia. Guided Benefits has created a Voluntary Employee Benefit Association (VEBA), a program that provides medical benefit services to businesses specifically based on their demographics. Guided Benefits provides its client’s employees with the ability to have a unique medical benefit service. With its VEBA program, the payment of life insurance, accident, or other benefits, to the members or their dependents or designated beneficiaries are done seamlessly. Leveraging VEBA, the firm brings multiple employers together and offers the ability to create customized employee benefits. In addition, the firm also offers a seamless service experience for the employees, by having a dedicated service team available to service the companies.

Guided Benefits offers benefits taking into consideration the demographics of the client and their specific requirements. “As part of our standardized process, we do the facts finding, and based on the results, we submit a request for proposal.”
Once partnered, every employee goes through a personal health questionnaire, followed by an underwriting process, post which the firm tailors a unique plan to meet the specific needs of the employees. The firm’s solution seamlessly integrates with all the moving parts of any organization’s self-insured platform, thus making it a self-service model for each employer. Moreover, as part of our offerings, we have our own Human Resource Information System that facilitates efficient and seamless HR activities,” adds La Mantia.

Our specialty is to provide medical benefit solutions tuned specifically for each individual

With professionals having over two decades of insurance and underwriting industry expertise, Guided Benefits is focused on offering best-in-breed employee beneficiary solutions to organizations around the globe. In one instance, the firm assisted a small tech company in managing their employee benefits, while reducing expenses. Even with younger demographics, the tech company paid the same premium rate as senior citizens, increasing their expenses. “We analyzed the group, the plans that they were offering their employees, and the demographics, as well as the underwritings. We were able to help them save over 25 percent of their expenses by offering better plan designs,” adds La Mantia.

Today, the firm boasts underwriters from leading organizations, and former insurance department executives, offering expert services. Furthermore, the firm is focusing on expanding its product portfolio to the next level as well as assisting organizations to achieve the highest employee satisfaction levels. On the expansion front, La Mantia explains, “We are open to any new channel partners. Moreover, we can assist in developing proprietary platforms within our program.”