GetPayroll: Small Businesses Complete Payroll App

Charles Read, President and CEO, GetPayrollCharles Read, President and CEO
Small business owners for long have found the process of managing payroll and filing payroll tax returns to be an uphill task, both risk-prone and stressful. Oftentimes, these small businesses fail to comply with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) payroll tax compliance regulations in terms of tax filing and reporting deadlines and end up paying huge penalties. While processing payroll and dealing with IRS is never a cakewalk for small business owners, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), US Tax Court Practitioner and a 2018 IRS Advisory Council appointee, Charles Read promises an effortless path to payroll compliance via GetPayroll’s digital payroll and payroll tax compliance solution. With over 26 years of experience in the payroll arena, Read’s expertise is channeled toward streamlining the digital payroll process through complete human capital management integration and managing payroll taxes efficiently.

“Since our inception in 1991, GetPayroll is providing best-in-class tools for small business owners to efficiently manage their company’s payroll and file payroll taxes precisely anywhere and anytime, without having to worry about costly IRS fines for payroll tax errors,” says Charles Read, President and CEO of GetPayroll. According to Read, underpayment of taxes for small businesses arises due to three major reasons: failing to file their tax return, paying taxes after the deadline, or net math error occurrences. In case organizations face any compliance issues while dealing with the IRS, state, and local governments, Read—as a CPA and US Tax Court Practitioner—will advocate with the IRS to keep clients compliant with their tax obligations giving clients a value of compliance. He currently holds a 100 percent success rate.

GetPayroll’s first green payroll process for small businesses was rolled out in 2000 and last year they launched a 3-click paperless digital payroll app—SIMON.

GetPayroll is providing best-in-class tools for business owners to efficiently manage their company’s payroll and auto-file payroll taxes precisely from any device, anytime

With SIMON, small business entrepreneurs can manage their company’s payroll 100 percent via their smartphones with ease. Businesses can download SIMON from their App Store and sign-up to self-onboard their company and employees in minutes. Built with the firm’s proprietary SmartPay technology the app allows businesses to pay their employees precisely in a few simple clicks. SIMON also takes the guesswork out of tax payments; since it has an inbuilt auto payroll tax filing which ensures businesses are staying compliant with the IRS, thereby avoiding penalties.

Small business owners also get notified of any important action to be performed in their payroll through text message and email. For example, there is a countdown ticker that displays the time left for the next payroll and a text alert notifies the users to process their payroll on-time. Users can also leverage the SmartPay option to review their last payroll details and make edits if required. Finally, with a fingerprint confirmation feature users can ensure that the payroll is done securely. The firm is working to launch SIMON version 2.0 later this year, which will include exclusive features like voice recognition, paving the way for a more secure authentication process.

Appointed as the Small Business Self-Employed/Wage & Investment (SBSE/W&I) advisor for the IRS Advisory Council this year, Read is all set to take payroll to an entirely new level by bringing in more innovations and add-on features into their existing products. Per Read, “We are not a jack of all trades like the other payroll solutions providers who sell packages that includes group health insurance or other benefits, we are a master of one and that is payroll.”