Execupay: White-glove Payroll Experience

Gerald Stowers, CEO, ExecupayGerald Stowers, CEO
Although payroll systems have always been a fundamental component of business for managing workforce expenses, the requirements and work responsibilities of small and larger businesses can be varied and unevenly distributed. Understanding that small business owners wear “multiple hats” and do not have the time to learn complex payroll systems, Execupay introduced payroll solutions for small businesses to take advantage of technology like their larger counterparts. Striking a balance between capability and usability, Execupay compiles the features used by large organizations, tailors the solution according to small businesses’ needs—providing the exact payroll capabilities to get the job done. “Acknowledging that not everyone is a power-user, the features of our payroll solution are right on the surface, easy to access, and manage,” explains Gerald Stowers, CEO of Execupay. Easy-to-use online payroll with a “White-glove” customer service experience is Execupay’s “Software-with-a-Service” approach for helping small business.

Execupay also delivers technology solutions to payroll service companies, providing a product suite covering all aspects of a payroll service bureau—forming a conduit to communicate with data—used for services like calculating and paying taxes and submitting ACH files. Targeting large, high-volume independent payroll companies, Execupay offers Software-as-a-Service solutions covering core payroll processing, tax filing, ACA management—for transmitting bank files back and forth, built-in CRM, and billing. “Our broad suite of products allows payroll companies to offer products that are specifically geared to their clients.” says Stowers. “Our PlatinumPay and PlatinumHR products are geared towards more complex clients and power-users, with richer interfaces, whereas “Xpress” products are ideal for light users,” he adds. To better match organizational needs, Execupay delivers on-premise, cloud, and hybrid offerings.

Acknowledging that not everyone is a power-user, our features are right on the surface, easy to access, and manage

According to Stowers, the trend of web-based applications—encompassing user’s needs such as managing payroll, HR, and recruiting talent, is shifting from a “single-provider experience” to a “best-of-breed” approach using interoperable APIs. “Our solutions can connect and be connected to any solution through powerful modern APIs— whether applications are built together or separately,” mentions Stowers. For example, when a company updates a new employee in Execupay Payroll, it automatically triggers events in benefits administration and attendance in real-time, all without an upscale development project to get it going, “Soon, small companies will be able to pick and choose various modules for payroll, HR, and more from numerous vendors that best suits their specific needs,” adds Stowers.

Execupay’s latest venture has been providing white-labeled payroll services to organizations that want to offer a branded payroll solution to their small-business customers. This enables organizations like banks, accountants, brokers, and retailers to add full-service payroll to their business service portfolio. “This is one of the most exciting and fastest growing sectors of our business because we are changing the way people buy payroll services. Small businesses don’t want to be limited to the traditional payroll sources, like ADP or Paychex, they want to buy things from existing trusted sources like their banker, insurance broker, or accountant,” says Stowers. Execupay’s white-labeled solutions powers payroll services for organizations like BBVA Compass, Sam’s Club, and BambooHR. Stowers shares, “Allowing businesses to buy payroll services from existing partners not only makes it easier, but often lowers the cost of sales, which is the savings that can be passed on to the customer.”

Execupay has been leading innovation over the past four decades, providing payroll platforms for the PC in the 80s, Microsoft Windows in the 90s, the Web in 2000, and going mobile in the 2010’s. The firm recently built an embeddable module—enabling white-labeled partners to embed payroll directly into their application. “Customers can access payroll from within currently utilized applications like online banking or HR, making running payroll easier than ever,” Stowers wraps up.