Back Office Remedies: Payroll Processing To Go

Jeffery Stone, President and CEO, Back Office RemediesJeffery Stone, President and CEO
It was a Y2K-like scenario for employers and payroll software developers when the State of California passed amendments to the laws concerning mandatory sick leaves for employees, in 2016. Individual cities added further modifications to the state law and to top it all, the amendments—despite the fact that they came into full effect much later—were passed in the middle of the year, wreaking havoc for those who relied heavily upon manual methods to process payrolls. However, the customers of Back Office Remedies sailed through the transition effortlessly. Back Office Remedies, a provider of a complete range of payroll and HR administration software—BOR-Go—and related services, made this possible by acquiring the zipcode of the location at which each individual employee was working from, and reconfigured the payroll system accordingly. Back Office Remedies essentially makes its customers independent of highly manual and paper-based processes involved in payroll administration and is quick in updating its comprehensive solution, triggering necessary changes across the customers’ entire HR function.

“Our company stands at the helm of a massive transformation in the HR world—every component of payroll processing is becoming electronic, and will entirely rid the HR managers of their tedious tasks in the near future,” states Jeffery Stone, the president and CEO of Back Office Remedies. Back Office Remedies works with its customers to put the HR personnel in a more-or-less supervisory role, providing them with all the information and reports they need to make decisions. BOR-Go is built with a complete array of components that track scheduling, punch-in and punch-outs, overtime, PTO requests, EDD requirements, I-9 and W-4 processing, and so on for each employee.

In essence, the company eliminates the need for spreadsheets and time clocks and put in a comprehensive system that tracks and reports every area of the payroll process. According to Stone, this enables customers to meet the expectations of the millennial workforce, who prefer working at locations of their choice, unbounded by any physical space like a desk.

Our company stands at the helm of a massive transformation in the HR world—every component of payroll processing is becoming electronic

With the help of BOR-Go, companies can offer this choice of working style, taking a significant step toward the digital workplace era. BOR-Go’s scheduler and project manager components function like an instant messaging platform to allow communication between managers and employees working on projects at various job-sites—apart from sending customized notifications automatically.

Revamping the entire payroll process with electronic records also provides employers necessary details that come in handy during reconciliation or queries from the employees. All information with regard to daily work time, scheduling, PTOs, and more can be supplied to employees electronically, fostering a relationship of consensus with the employer. The software allows employers to place an employee handbook with all the information that must be provided to an employee, by mandate, in their software and only when the user signs the handbook will the application allow further navigation.

Among the several benefits catered to the customers by Back Office Remedies, the opportunity to cut costs is the most significant. Eliminating filing cabinets and enhancing HR personal’s time with the use of BOR-Go, customers can invest their resources and people in revenue-generating areas, satisfied in knowing that the payroll can be processed automatically from anywhere and at anytime. Extending the value delivered, Back Office Remedies offers a full-range of professional services covering payroll and tax processing, garnishments, 401k, and health insurance, to name a few through their PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or EMS (Employee Managed Solution).

In the pipeline, Back Office Remedies plans to bring skill-check features within the solution, allowing employers to match skills for a specific job role automatically. “A pure paperless society—that is our direction,” says Stone. “Even the government is becoming more acceptable to W4s and I9s being submitted electronically.” With this inevitable digitalization of the payroll process around the corner, Back Office Remedies proves to be the frontrunner.