APS: Delivering Seamless HR and Payroll through a Unified Cloud-Platform

Aaron Johnson, President Christian Valiulis, CRO, apsAaron Johnson, President Christian Valiulis, CRO
Industries are now working toward transformational business practices, and the need to reduce the probabilities of payroll processing issues is more critical than ever. Many companies are relying on spread sheets and multiple paper-based solutions to manage their tedious HR and payroll functions. However, the current scenario of technological advancements and rapid changes is weakening pre-existing business operations. The role of technology in workforce management is increasingly showcasing where legacy solutions continue to fall short. Headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana, Automatic Payroll Systems (APS) provides a single solution for workforce management, focused on the mid-market business segment. “Our cloud-based HR solution provides online payroll services, core HR, time and attendance, ACA reporting and compliance, and employee self-service- all in a unified platform,” says Aaron Johnson, President, APS.

According to CRO, Christian Valiulis, “APS’s core business has always been payroll processing and tax compliance, but it’s our modern solution that differentiates us from other providers. Our technology includes tools to help businesses remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while our dashboard alerts make it easy for HR administrators and managers to monitor employee events and workforce management information. Furthermore, our technology can be configured to customer needs in order to automate many time-consuming processes.” APS’s system, APS OnLine, is a unified platform with tools that can power payroll by simplifying pre-existing workforce processes. The technology enables instant data changes across all consoles of the platform, including HR, payroll, & time and attendance. Competitively, APS reduces operating costs for companies by extending the core functionality to mobile devices.
Employee events and company updates can easily be tracked and managed in the HR Console of APS OnLine.Salary adjustments, promotions, and performance reviews are instantly visible to managers.

Additionally, Employee Self-Service, which allows an employee to give a self-evaluation, enables HR personnel to oversee the process, giving them visibility of activity across the company. “HR managers can review any type of event initiated by a manager or an employee before committing it to an employee’s record,” says Johnson.

Louisiana State University’s “University Health System” has adopted APS’s solution to solve their payroll inefficiencies. With more than a 10 percent error rate, they were re-issuing an average of 250 checks each pay period. This was due to paper-based, time-tracking and payroll processes handled by the client. Paper-based processes often yield avoidable payroll errors. Upon University Health’s implementation of APS’s unified technology, resources were better managed, payroll errors were minimized and other issues were swiftly solved. Overall, payroll errors were reduced by 77 percent.

Our cloud technology is a single system that brings together HR, payroll, time and attendance, and ACA. It can be configured to adapt with growing businesses

APS touts one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry, and attributes this success to their technology and the level of support provided to their clients. All APS clients are appointed a designated account manager, whom they may contact by multiple means of communication, including phone, email, and chat. In addition, a personalized help center is also orchestrated for a client’s ease of use.
The increasing number of companies who switch to unified systems such as APS are realizing the benefits of automated workforce management.